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1. Am I A Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

EVERYONE is a good candidate for body contouring.  All procedures are non-invasive and recommended for both women and men. Each candidate will get a full consultation prior to any services being performed.

2. What is the Bella BBL

The Bella BBL is a non-invasive vacuum therapy that will tone the gluteal muscles, migrate fat to that area and smooth the skin also getting rid of cellulite. It helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups.  NO PAIN, NO SURGERY, NO DOWNTIME with awesome SAME DAY RESULTS. You can gain between one and three inches during your first session. Procedure takes 40-50 minutes depending on the size of area being treated. 

3. What are ombre’ brows

Transform your brows with the Bella Ombre' Brow technique at Bella Vida Day Spa. Using a cosmetic tattoo machine, our experts create a soft transition from dark to light, starting from the tail of the brow to give you that perfect powdered makeup look. This technique is perfect for clients wanting sharp and defined brows that last up to 3 years. Say goodbye to smudging and daily makeup application with our Ombre' Microshading Brows service. Book an appointment today!

 4. Do you service teens?

Yes, we do! We have an amazing teen facial that is good in acne prevention! We also love to do makeup looks for prom, graduation, and any other important day for our teens!

5. Can I book a spa party?

Absolutely! We love catering to our clients! The only requirement is that there be 10+ ppl in the group. We will work with you to create the perfect spa package for your guests! We also have food and beverage options available for spa parties!

6. Do You Offer Payment Plans

Absolutely! Pay for your purchase up front using Afterpay! You will pay your first installment at time of purchase, and the remainder in interest-free installments every two weeks! We leave you no excuse not to have the service that you deserve

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